The Festival of Philosophy in  Greece is an interdisciplinary program designed for high school students.

The Festival combines in its mission the didactic value with the aim of the project of territorial enhancement, created for the re-evaluation in periods of low season of places of historical- archaeological interest, a symbol of Mediterranean culture and Western philosophical thought, with particular reference to Greece.

The cultural offer, with an alternative methodology, offers participants (students and ad hoc, even adults) an experiential learning path through: philosophical dialogues, Philosophical theatrical walks (peripatos) and practical philosophy workshops, generally of 4/5 days.

In March 2019, for the fifth time, an edition will be organized in Greece (Athens, Delphi, Messini, and Epidavros) with the theme "Philia", with about 2000 high school students coming from all over Europe. An event of cultural detailed study program with a strong social connotation: the popularization of philosophy, in experiential form among high school students. The aim is to propose opportunities and paths of non-formal education related to philosophy. 

The initiative is one of the international events of cultural study, and it is therefore an instrument of territorial enhancement that engages in a broader strategy for the upgrading of cultural offerings.


‘Philosophy and Europe’
Western philosophy is born with a heart and a Mediterranean logos that has conjugated and exalted all of Europe. This exceptional puzzle of cultures and philosophical paradigms, that is the European identity, must rediscover the profound attitudes to dialectics and common growth through the Epistemological diversity that compose it: from Greece to France, from Italy to Germany and all the cultures that interpret European thought. Only in this way can philosophy recover its ancient task and give life to the present but above all to a future of profitable contaminations, and common growth.

Philosophical_Historical_Theatrical Walk


The philosophical-Theatrical walk is one of the highlights of the route and experiential growth path of the Philosophy Festival in Greece. Symbiotically linked to the theme that is the leitmotif of the festival he puts it on stage, it is worth saying, some possible facets. This year the walk will be joined to another philosophical and experiential moment in Messene.

In these two proposed itineraries the different aspects of Philia will come to life through different modes of representation. 


Download here the description of the Philosophical_Theatrical_Walk

Philosophical Dialogue / Debate / Symposium


So as the philosopher does not fear to put himself and his certainties at stake, students face the adventure of knowledge through moments of confrontation conceived and realized in a maieutic relationship with national and international intellectuals. 




Download here below the description of the Philosophical Dialogue/Debate/Symposium 

Practical Philosophical Workshop & Agorà with Teachers

The workshops are forges of ideas that aim to develop personal awareness and the active comparison of the participants in the Festival.

The various paths are practical, artistic ways of reflecting and elaborating the philosophical theme of "PHILIA" and expressing it through the chosen activity.

It is not necessary to be already skilled, in fact each student will build his personal path of growth and understanding through the modalities, the games, the techniques that from time to time the facilitator of the workshop will propose to the group.

The only technique required, or rather the only assumption with which to deal with the activities is that of listening and curious participation in the work. Only in this way it will be possible to obtain an enlightening feedback of an emotional and technical character that will lead the participants to develop concrete skills.

The choice of a single workshop activity for the whole duration of the Festival: Theater, Greek popular traditional dance, Expressive movement, Cinema, Music, Photography, Meditation_tai, Radiosophy, allows the realization of a path-stage that leads the participants to the development of concrete skills. 


Download here below the workshop description and participation regulation

Philosophical Artistic Discipline "Agon"

The highly innovative and captivating competitions, designed to light minds and passions, are declined in five specific areas:

Musa, Poiesis, Choros, Philosophizing, Philosophilm.

Educating in its literal meaning means bringing to light the potential of everyone. through an active methodology that involves and stimulates participants to work on Gardner's recognized nine intelligences.

Today, in an era of transition, disintegration and identity uncertainty, we need an educational philosophy. The goal is to create moments of confrontation, reflection, critical thinking, creative spaces for the minds.

The diffusion of culture also passes through intellectually stimulating processes, which requires the diffusion worldwide to all second level institutes.


 Download here below the Agon description and participation regulation